Our Philosophy


At Tiny Tots, we believe:

Each Child is Unique

Tiny Tots offers children time to develop independent thinking processes. We provide opportunities for children to react to their environment, develop their leadership abilities and make their own choices. Small groups offer children the chance to grow as individuals within a group structure.

Children Need to Feel Special

Tiny Tots children enjoy an educational experience where they are constantly seen and heard on a personal basis. Teachers focus on giving each child individual attention to ensure that the child knows he is loved.

Children Must be
Treated as Individuals

Tiny Tots teachers take time with each child to personally compliment good task completion, reinforce positive behavior, offer suggestions, give directions and consistently implement behavioral adjustments to meet each child's personal needs.

At Tiny Tots we
promote positive
development and
successful learning.

Social and Physical Development

Tiny Tots teachers design social and physical activities to meet the developmental criteria of each age level.


Every child at Tiny Tots will receive positive reinforcement and feel successful as they are directed and supported to complete social, physical and academic tasks at an age-appropriate level.

Self Confidence

Tiny Tots provides age-controlled environments so that when a child compares his achievement level to his peers he will be assured of a higher degree of self-image and self-confidence regarding his personal performance.