Proven curriculum and teaching method

Our successful and proven curriculum has been developed over 40 years ago by our founder, Ms. Connie Jordan, and has been modified and improved over the years through working with children and teachers.

Immersion in English

Students are immersed in the English language using the system that matches the curriculum to the children's age and stage and is appropriate to their developmental level. We offer a holistic education approach and all subjects are taught in English, except in Chinese class.

Sequential Step System

Tiny Tots curriculum is specifically designed as a Sequential Step System for children ages 2 years through 6 years. Any new concept is introduced while building on existing knowledge, because children feel more confident with a known concept and are more likely to learn and succeed at the new concept. Each level builds on the previous level allowing the children to feel competence and confidence in their learning every day.

Small class size

Class size is small; average number of students in each class ranges from 8 to 15. Children receive ample teacher's attention. Teachers make sure each child's name is called on daily.