Health and Safety


Open door policy – We believe transparent communication between school and parents build the solid trustworthy foundation for successful education for the students. Therefore, we maintain an open door policy where parents are welcome to drop in any time to see how their children are doing.

Comfortable Environment

Our campuses are known for its home-like environment that encourages easy transition from home to school for the young learners.

Indoor air quality

Each classroom is equipped with BlueAir air purifier, so our indoor air quality will reach the highest international standard regardless of outdoor air quality.


All-round comprehensive central monitoring system and independent and professional security guarding system.


International-standard sterilization and environmental disinfection systems as well as the daily health check process.


A full-time certified school nurse on-site to ensure children's health on a daily basis; all teachers and in-class nursing staff hold a CPR certificate


Our lunch and snack is freshly prepared daily on-site in the school kitchen, which is under strict scrutiny by the China Food and Drug Administration. Menu consists of Asian and western cuisine and takes into account a range of children's dietary needs including vegetarian food and specific food allergies. One lunch and two snacks are included in the tuition fee.