Tiny Toddlers

(under 2 years old)

Introduction to Tiny Toddlers

Tiny Toddlers provides parents and guardians a perfect opportunity to play in a safe, clean and private environment free from outside intrusions. Tiny Toddlers introduces your toddler to the Tiny Tots school location and staff before enrollment into our formal pre-school education environment. Children develop socially with others of the same age through professionally led and designed programs of age appropriate tasks. Focus is placed on extending attention spans, developing respect of authority, following instruction, space awareness, age-appropriate behavior with peers and adults, attempting a task on request, transitioning tasks and activities.

Parents or guardians are required to attend with their child, and are deemed the primary caregiver. All caregivers are expected to be present and attentively giving the child a safe and appropriate experience within the school and on the playground.

Who Can Apply?

The Tiny Toddler class is open to children from ages 12 to 24 months on or before September 1, of any given year.

Class Schedules

Class sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.


In each class, we place one Tiny Tots English speaking teacher and one teaching assistant. We believe this provides an excellent, close and safe environment for the children as they begin their school experiences.


Children need to feel good about themselves. Positive guidance techniques are used by our staff to enhance a child's feeling of self-worth through being successful. The class schedules include Free Play, Guided Play, Music Time, Major Motor, Crafts and Art.

There is age appropriate group interaction which helps children learn to cooperate, listen and share. Children also enjoy multiple self-selected interests and activities, which stimulate cognitive growth, creativity, emotional and social development. A variety of outdoor activities are provided to enhance the development of both major and minor motor skills.

Tiny Toddler FEES

Registration Fee: (Non-Refundable)

This can be deducted from future registration fee for full-time enrollment.

Class fee RMB 220 per class.
Purchase a packet of 10 classes and enjoy ~15% discount.
Class Observation
One class observation for parents is offered at no charge.
Trial Class Fee
One class observation may be reserved for child and parent/caregiver.

Tiny Tots Siblings

If you already have a child enrolled at Tiny Tots you can send one younger sibling to Tiny Toddlers free of charge.