Events and activities

Christmas Performance

This is one of the most popular events of the school year. All Tiny Tots families gather in a theater in December to watch their children perform on stage. There will be heart-melting Christmas songs and dance and nativity.

Teddy Bear Picnic

As one of Tiny Tots' traditions, we host a Teddy Bear Picnic every year. Children come to school in their comfortable pajama and bring their favorite soft toy. The entire school spend the morning in the playground and enjoy the special snack "honey sandwich" and other fun teddy bear related activities.

Community Project

It is very important for us to involve members of the community in our early years education program. Tiny Tots provides many opportunities to include real-life scenarios into learning experience. Parent volunteers are invited to school to host various kinds of activities with the learners.

Halloween Party

All Tiny Tots families are invited to join fun game stations and activities in the Shanghai Garden campus for Halloween. Children dress up for the event and enjoy exciting games with their families.

Promotion Day

At the end of a school year, all families get together to celebrate the achievements of our students over the past year. We say goodbyes to our graduating students and rejoice the other students for getting one year older.